I am sorry but some of the pictures are blurred and I can't do any thing about it. Khe Sanh Aug.1967 to Dec. 1967 a quieter time after the hill fights and before the Siege.

Our Modern Asphalt Plant. The rack would hold 8-55gal. barrels we would use the rough terrain forklift or the cherry picker to get the barrels up and then man handle them into position. We had a tool to pop the screw tops. Then when the asphalt started to flow we chopped a couple holes in the bottom to make it flow faster. We had mainly RC-8 asphalt.

Mike Stensland and Animal rearranging pallets of asphalt.

The holding tank for the asphalt.

Mike Stensland taking a break, waiting for the asphalt truck to load up.

Well looks like I'm taking a break. Also it looks like I just reloaded the camera.

After the base had been prepared and the asphalt shot, then all hands that were available were put to work laying the matting. Well except the XO Chief Nunnley, he always looked so spick and span. Laying matting was a REAL dirty job. You had asphalt all over your boots, hands, and your pants would stand up when you took them off.

"Frenchy" EO2 Emil Leblanc waiting for another load of matting.

Preparing the base. Dig out a foot of dirt or so, grade it then dump in some rock, put dirt over it, cover it with dirt, compact it, shoot asphalt, and lay the matting.

Checking the Grade

The planes are landing and we are still working.

The last job once the matting is down, is digging holes for anchors. Me on the right and EO Gates on the left.

Dog gone it I liked the Asphalt Crew, I'm not sure why except I was a catcher when I played baseball, and when I was dirty and sweaty, I felt like I had done a days work.

When it rained the mud got so bad that you could get stuck on flat ground. Here Dale Brokaw is on the loader on the left, Jim Rouch on the loader on the right, and Dave McLennan is directing them.

Along with the L.A.P.E.S. the Marine and Air Force, dropped our supplies in by Parachute. The Army (if I remember right) did a pre-drop jump to check the wind etc. Two of the jumpers ended up stuck in the bare trees dead. The drop zone was between the Base and the Rock Quarry, on the west end of the base.

Due to the racket our Equipment, made we always had at least 1 radio on the strip to let us know when a plane was on approach. Here EO2 Tallant, is riding on the sweeper being pulled by our International Harvester Tractor.

This is the dam north of the base. We had to go out and rebuild it during the Siege as a patrol found empty bottles of poison by the Dam. For me this was very scary as I liked to see my Marine Bros., and our lines, in front of me, not a couple hundred yards behind me. We tore the Dam out, mucked out all the mud we could and then rebuilt it and reinforced it. Then we helped the water point Marines clean out the lines, and the storage tank. "Damn the chlorine Taste"
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