I hope You are Enjoying the Picture Trip of My WAR !

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Entrance to the ALAMO HILTON.
Left, Blackshoe Yeoman Jerel Wenger Center, CMH Bruce Morris. Right, EO2 Carl.
Look at all the rock piled up on top of the Bunker.

Tons and Tons of rock cover the Bunker.
In the background you can see sandbags. They cover our fighting holes, which are right behind the 26th Marine lines. We had a Great view of the Garbage Dump.

Fire Ball to the South.
We were treated everyday to a fireworks show that was second to none. I wish I could find my picture(s) of an Arclight. AHHHHHSOME was the only word I could find, for the support we got from all the Fly Boys from all Services. Especially the close air support from the Marine and Navy Fighters.

This is a view from the top of the Alamo hilton looking South East.
The garbage dump is in the right area and shit burners in the middle of the picture. One of the smells that never leaves you is Diesel fuel and human crap burning.

All of a sudden out of nowhere comes an airstrike.
In so many of these pictures I was just shooting something I thought was interesting, and then INCOMING, or an Air Strike. In the right place at the right time or just Plain DUMB, I don't know which.

Air Support for the ARVN Marines.
The ARVN marines were a Main Target of the NVA the whole Siege. I Hated working behind them as they were always getting sniper fire or assualted.

It's hard to take pictures when the ground is moving and your looking for a place to hide.

Run Marine that's INCOMING!
First U see him then U don't.

"B recon and SeaBee fighting Positions by the Air Strip.
300 to 600 feet of the Airstrip was outside of our lines.

There was no one covering the East end of the Airstrip.
For what ever reason, the East end of the strip had no dug in lines. The U S Marines came within a couple of Hundred feet on the North side and the ARVN Marines did the same on the South side. So Defending the open area up through the strip fell to Recon and the Seabees, who lived by the Air strip. In the top right you can see the Dead Choppers and Planes piled up. Also in the bottom middle you can see the Shit burning Detail.

26 th Marines Chow Hall

26th Marines Chow Hall.
I was late for KP duty, and as I steped up from the road to the pallets leading into the chowhall, one of the first rounds hit the chowhall, and knocked me to the ground. Then the Ammo dump got hit and all hell broke loose.

The building with all the tin is the Mech. Shop
Bruce Morris filling schrapmetal holes.

Inside the Alamo Hilton.My third bunkmate Robet Mullen.

When the siege started, several things happened.
First was that everybody Swore to die fighting, to be captured was out of the question.
Second I was put on a reaction squad. For me this was my Death warrent. I had NO training in hand to hand combat, and we were supposed to fill a hole in the line if the NVA broke through.

I am on the right and I can't remember the other guys names.
Poker was our outlet in the down times. We had no money so the winnings and losses were kept in a book. The Pay Masters were SCARED to come to Khe Sanh and We had no place to spend the money anyway. I didn't get paid from Jan 68 until I got out of the Great Lakes Hospital in July 68.
I did draw $200.00 for an in Country R&R at China Beach in April 68.

On my way to the Airstrip I caught this shot of incoming.

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